Saturday, December 16, 2017

Trying the stars in Inklingo

     I came across Inklingo a couple of times over the years, but did not have the focus to go through all the webpages to figure it out. Motivated by possibly making Passacaglia by not using English Paper Piecing (I can hardly look at the words), I found Inklingo again. It tried the free shapes and made the two stars. I was able to machine piece them. The yellow fabric was sent to me by Linda from Inklingo printed. I then printed on the white with black. Easy to print. I bought the Handbook. Now I have to decide whether to buy some more diamonds to make stars or take the plunge with Passacaglia and the Millifiori book. Will I be able to handsew (so I can have some portable sewing) or do I stick to machine sewing only?


Debbie said...

Wow....your stars look good! Must say you are braver than me. As long as it is not PP I say do which ever you enjoy.

Beny said...

Great post.Thanks!