Friday, December 15, 2017

Straightening it out

     I am helping a woman get back on track with quilt blocks that have been in a bag for years. When I put them up on my design wall, it took a while to figure out it was two quilts set on point. Don't ask how long that took me. I am patient when I am working on my own quilts, otherwise, not so much. Character flaw. One of many.
     Then, to make sure no one would have to go through that again, I sewed one up and put numbers on every block and row on the the sewn one and laid out the other, numbered it correspondingly for her to sew. Then, I packed up the whole shebang and gave it back. I told her a border would be in order. Another one out the door.
Back months and months ago without sashing. I had cut the sashing for her and she attached it.
2nd one laid out, keyed numbers
Quilt No. 1 sewn. Oh, figuring those corner triangles!
All labeled to act as a key for the other quilt


Warm Quilts said...

What a labor of love. Helpful to have the blocks numbered and great photos that you shared with us. Well done!

Debbie said...

Wow, that was some kind of nightmare! Mixing in two quilts just muddied the waters for you to figure out. Not too many would of/could of done it. When this world is done, there will be a special land established for all the UFOs from quilters to live. It will be colorful!

Anonymous said...

The sashing works really well. And you have done another wonderful service for the world of quilting.