Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mojo doll challenge

     My guild had a challenge for the end of the guild season in June. We were given a pattern and told to make a doll to inspire us when we need it. I don't sew 3D things real well, but I tried. It was a little small to handle and stuff.
     I thought of who inspired me to quilt in the first place, and it was Grandma Okie, my husband's grandmother. She had been a tailor at M. Wile who used to make the top suits in this country. She sewed all the time- On a red eye Singer 66 treadle (which I cleaned recently for my sister in law who owns it). She taught me how to make scrap quilts. She recycled everything and it always looked gorgeous. I wrote about her, a long while ago, and Quilters Newsletter magazine published what I wrote and gave me a free subscription for a year. And now sadly, I just read that the magazine is shutting down in October. 
     So, I scanned her face from a photo and sewed it on crumb pieced fabric. I added a scrap skirt. Grandma Okie has been gone for 30 years and I miss her so much. I have some of her quilts from recycled fabrics and UFOs that she bought at thrift stores.
     I am inspired now by Wanda, from Exuberant Color. Her posts, words, replies, and photos are always tremendous inspiration for me to keep me quilting. I owe her big time. She will probably not like it, but I took her face from her blog, printed it and sewed it on batiks crumb fabric. I added an antique gold button on the skirt sash. 
     This particular challenge was the most entries we ever had. Unfortunately, I missed the meeting where they were unveiled, as I had a monster migraine and could not even move out of bed. We are going to exhibit them at our quilt show in October, so I can photo them all then. Here is mine:
Grandma Okie side

Wanda side in the flowers


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That is too funny! I always wanted to be able to do the splits, and now I can say I did it. I'm happy that I inspire you and can be a mentor for you. I just wish we lived closer to each other.

donaleen said...

Oh Wanda, that is so funny.

Jan said...

Love your mojo doll and how you used people that inspire you. Fabulous!