Wednesday, November 18, 2015

One block wonder number 2

     A while ago, a woman from my guild, Cathy, held a workshop where I made a one block wonder from fabric I had bought years earlier on clearance (Still waiting for me to quilt it- keep hoping I get better before I try it). I wanted to make another and found some fabric on clearance at Quilters Corners in Ithaca. Cathy helped me to refresh my memory and instructed me again (took pictures this time) on how to layout the repeats for cutting and how to cut the strips and then the triangles.
      I sewed all the triangles into half hexies (pinned the two halves) ready for the wall, but this time it was more difficult because there were a lot of white or very light areas. I spent off and on time moving and moving around the pieces and I think the last photo is pretty close to what I am going with. Then, I will take the pin out of the hexies to sew the pieces in rows. I am going to try the webbing method to sew it together so I don't mess up the order.
The original whole piece fabric being cut for repeats
The lights and mediums
The full color ones
Really light ones, the problems, at the bottom
One of the many layouts
Close to the end, maybe?