Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Clean 221 = More fabric!

     One thing I do, that I love to do, is clean old sewing machines. Someone referred a woman to me who was given a Featherweight, Singer 221. It was in fantastic shape, but dirty and unused with a very bad cord and connections. I ordered a new belt, new power cord, a LED light bulb (people burn themselves on the 221 bulb), some Tri-flow oil and used a lot of cotton rags, wooden picks, TR3 polish, etc and the machine looks awesome. Runs wonderfully. It had all the attachments and a case that just needed cleaning. Can you believe I was so enamored that I forgot to take a photo of the gleaming machine when I was done and now it is back to its owner? Errr!
Before cleaning 
Cord and plug issues- all replaced!
    One reason, besides loving to gawk and clean machines, I do this, is to help me continue to make comfort quilts for people undergoing treatments or serious medical issues. I use fabric, batting, thread, bags, books and blank cards to make them a reality. I make them lap size, labels printed by Spoonflower, put them in a tote bag with a book on hope and a hand made card. I rely a lot on donations. Someone recently gave me 25 awesome new totes that have a logo on from a company that no longer exists that I easily cover up with patchwork pockets. I was able to buy a humongous roll of batting at wholesale price, and receive fabric scraps and larger pieces from people who hear what I do. Vicki and Gwen sent me beautiful fat quarters.
   When I give the cleaned machine back, people sometimes give me a check so I can buy more books, thread, fabric (especially backings) or postage. Sometimes they give fabric. This has helped the process keep moving forward. 
     I am so grateful to all who have helped me!
     I continue to cut scraps into set sizes, look for patterns that are simple but beautiful, and try to master my longarm. I don't keep making the same quilt pattern as I am a nutcase artist and hate production work. I hope you enjoying seeing the quilts made on my blog. I amazed at the power a quilt makes in someone's life. I constantly see it happen. If for no reason than that, I quilt. But I also quilt because I have to or my head would blow off.
    Today's Featherweight owner gave me luscious big pieces of fabric, even a whole layer cake that I can use for a veteran quilt. Thanksgiving even earlier!
More fabric to make more!! 

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Jan said...

As a person who asked you for one of your quilts for a friend who was undergoing chemo, I can testify that your quilts really do make a difference. She still talks about it, three years later. Thank you for what you do. You a such a generous soul, and I love you for it.