Monday, October 19, 2015

Fill'r up with Inspiration

    My daughter had some time off and asked if my husband and I would like to visit Old Forge, NY where we spend one week each August in a rented house. When your daughter, who lives 3 hours away and is married asks you,  you go. Of course it was beautiful and of course, it snowed. All day Saturday. We stayed in a motel that harkens back to the 50's. Because we stayed on the Pond, we could walk to most things in Old Forge. A lot of the businesses were closed for the season, but because it was some big kayak paddlefest, it was full of people (guys in plaid with beards) wanting to eat and so we found good food.
   We walked to the View where the Quilts Unlimited show went public on Columbus Day. I was in the show a couple of years ago, but it is juried now, and I hate quilt rejection and I did not submit anything. We walked in the snow and got soaked, but, hey, we are from Buffalo, NY and can handle it. However, my husband went on the last boat cruise on Raquette Lake and had to ride on the top in the open for almost 2 hours. I would rather walk in the snow and look at quilts. 
    I am posting some photos of what the area looked like. It was great inspiration that filled me up on the insides and was drop dead gorgeous. My next post will show some quilts from the show, but today, it is Adirondacks inspiration all the way!

Motel in rear, has not changed in over 50 years. Hmm.



Lara B. said...

Beautiful photos Linda! It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time.
I spent five summers of my youth working in the Adirondacks and my heart always feels more complete whenever we go back there.

Sarah said...

Gorgeous photos!! Some years I get to the ADK three times (We camp at 8th Lake) - not so this year and I missed the fall leaves. Boohoo! Some year I hope to see the quilt show - is it every year?