Monday, October 5, 2015

Batik strips and stagged white centers

      I have done a couple of quilts sewing the short ends of WOF strips- print to solid, so I have a tube. Usually, I have cut the solid color with the print ones in the center staggered. The black strip one was a recent one. This time, after my mom sewed the tubes, I cut the print, in this case, the batiks, and staggered the white in the center. It needs a good pressing and trimming before I get the backing ready.
The tubes
Had to hang outside to photo because of Tugger's refusal to move
Chief quilt tester


Elizabeth said...

I don't get it. Width of Fabric I get. Short end, meaning the 3 inch of a 3 by 42 WOF strio, sewn together. How does that become a tube?

Kat said...

I get it! And I really like the effect. Good idea to try cutting the print instead of the solid.

Sarah said...

I had to come check out your blog after seeing your comment on Missy's blog!! You are in Buffalo and I'm a mere hour away in Wyoming County! Love the batik quilt and especially your chief quilt tester. Tugger is invited to join the Feline Friday linky party on my blog any time =^..^=