Friday, October 9, 2015

A layout to sew and some pillowcase presents

     These diagonal variation blocks have sat in a plastic bag for a while. I think because I was going to make 2 comfort quilts out of them and have to add a lot of borders. The border fabric choices had me hung up. I put all of the blocks, but 4, on the wall, and I like the way it looks without any borders. It is a bit bigger than the comfort quilts I usually make, but that is ok, it looks good. This is easy block that I got from Liz at jellyrollfabric. It uses WOF strips, 2 1/2" colors and white WOF cut in half the long way. I sewed a fat, skinny, fat, skinny together using up all the jelly roll. Then, the strip sets are paired right sides together and sewn into a tube. The tube is cut at 45 degrees into triangles that open up into blocks. I marked the tops of the rows with painters tape and will sew them into a web first.
Blocks will finish at 7"
     My son in law, the other half of the chemistry professors duo, had a birthday last week and I did not get these done in time. They are finished now, and he will get them when they visit tomorrow.
     I can sew quilts and flat things pretty good, so pillowcases are up my alley. I take a lot of time and thinking to choose the body, sleeve and accent stripe, but sewing goes quick.

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