Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dance away, stars

      A long while ago, I took a Square in a Square Workshop. Bought the ruler and the books. Made two quilts. I just don't like the method- I think it wastes a lot of fabric and everything is on the bias. The easy quilt has been long given away. The Dancing Star pattern was a lot of work and trimming. It is finally done and quilted- just needs a binding. I just am not in love with it. It is a comfort quilt, so I am hoping to find it a home where someone really likes it. First time using the ruler on the long arm for a lot of the lines. Boy, I really stink at it.
Back of quilt
Front of Dancing Star, a Square in a Square Pattern

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Elizabeth said...

We are our own worst critics. I think it is lovely. Be as kind to yourself as you are to me. Remember this is supposed to be fun