Monday, August 31, 2015

Block Swap, not stock swap

    When I told my husband I was participating in an online Block swap, he thought I was talking about a stock swap and was instantly agitated. When I showed him the blocks, he calmed down. I made 80 bowtie blocks to participate in Barb's bowtie block swap. I am making the modern ones. I had to buy gray fabric, but had plenty of brights for the bowties. I made an extra 40 so when I get the blocks back, I have enough to make something a little bigger like a lap quilt. I have them all in ziploc bags ready for the post office tomorrow. 
     I have always wanted to be part of a block swap since I met Lynn Roddy Brown at a quilt workshop and bought her books on block swaps, but couldn't interest anyone to do it with me. I would love to do a 4 patch swap.
One group of 40

Another group of 40

My extras, one block of all the colors used


Jan said...

I'll play! Organize a swap and I would love to get involved!

Anonymous said...

I was delighted to find my name on your blog. I love your bow tie blocks. They are so very different from the ones I made. Would love to see your finished quilt.

Lynn Roddy Brown