Thursday, July 23, 2015

Strips with blacks quilted

    This quilt is made from an assortment of dark jelly roll strips from and solid color ones given me by another quilter.  I asked my mom to sew the strip tubes, I cut them, arranged them, and then she sewed the strips together as I had taped numbers at the tops and pinned them for her. I quilted this today on the Nolting trying a different idea in every strip. I would rather do this than waste fabric and batting on practice sandwiches. Not yet bound. This will be a comfort quilt. For a few of the diagonals, I used my new ruler and template base. More learning curve. The ruler squirts around all over the place. Still pretty stinky quilting. 
Back detail
Front detail



Kevin the Quilter said...

Holy camoly! I LOVE this quilt! Look at all of the different textures! Wonderful work Linda!

Elizabeth said...

I, too, love it. Quit being so hard on yourself. It is truly beautiful. I love the look of hand guided quilting vs computerized designs. Much more authentic and artistic, IMNSHO.