Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mini Project gift

     One of my art teacher friends had a birthday and we had a lovely garden luncheon. Terri loves handmade items. I thought I would use some of my made batik fabric and make coasters (5 x 5 finished). I doubled the batting to make them more substantial. I quilted with variegated thread in a square spiral. All on the 301.
     I am still trying to experiment with denim. I was able to find a small back pocket, cut it out, sew it to card stock and add a lot of edges I trimmed off some batik fabrics going into a quilt. I folded the strips in half, tucked them in the pocket and sewed them down inside the pocket flat. The streamers can go up out of the pocket or down. She loved the card.
Six coasters

All ready to go

Front of birthday card, streamers up

Front of birthday card, streamers down
     Well, it is off to Syracuse tomorrow morning for AQS Quiltweek. Anyone reading going?

1 comment:

Dre in PA said...

What a fun idea!
I'm sure nothing that previously fit on my ass, would fit on a card.
Will we get updates from the front lines please?