Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Three D bugaboos

     I am not very good at making three dimensional sewn pieces. However, my son is going to have his birthday this week (33). At Christmas, he told me he wanted a cover for his amp. So I bought a nice heavy cover on ebay.
     And then he informed me he wanted a unique cover, not like this. He thought I could do something "creative" with it. It sat in my project corner until this week. Then I remembered it. I know batiks are strong fabric and I could do made fabric pieces, but I had to be careful that it does not read cutesy or forced. He plays in a band out sometimes. 
     I pulled out my boxes of green and blue batiks. I thought I could do one side in mostly blues and morph into greens over the top and down the back. The vinyl is plenty stiff, so I am not going to add batting. So, I made a huge mess of my studio and kept sewing and slicing.
Green back
Narrow side 1
Blue Side
Using the Singer 15 attempting to sew down
First sewn down side
     I have no idea how to do this. I made the fabric, then ironed a small hem, pinned it close to the binding and used a small stitch. I was going to make a freezer paper pattern, but the cover seems wonky, not straight. 
     The other issue I have to figure out is the Fender logo. It is screen printed on the vinyl, but to cut the fabric around it looks tacky, ruins the design of the fabric. If I cut the vinyl apart to put the logo on top, I compromise the structure of the cover. I traced the logo on steam a seam, and am going to try to cut out white fused fabric and zig zag it on with black thread. Oh my, can't wait for that, yikes.


diane said...

I'm liking your new adventure. Will be fun to see it finished.

Peg said...

Your "made fabric" looks great. How about cutting out the vinyl logo and then sewing a strong piece of fabric in it's place on the original cover to keep the structure/strength? That way you'd get a perfect logo with a lot less fuss.

Dre in PA said...

If he wanted something unique why are you trying to retain the logo??
Bah, print it off the internet and applique it on if you want it...

Linda Swanekamp said...

The cover is done, have to get photos off the camera. Made a logo out of white fabric fused onto the cloth and black zig zagged the edges. Son wanted the logo. I guess he liked it because it showed up on his Instagram feed.