Monday, June 8, 2015

BasiX Template Giveaway

    My grandmother always used to buy kitchen gadgets when she saw demonstrations in stores or fairs. I don't think she ever used most of them or knew how to use them. She was an excellent cook and baker and so she did not really need any of them. I guess that is where I get one of my myriad of flaws.
    At quilt shows, I am a sucker for template demos. I buy them thinking it will change my quilts and make me a better quilter. At Paducah, I saw this demo of the basiX. It looked terrific. I bought it. I should have bought the Block Lock. Now, when I am looking at it I know I will not make these quilts. It is just not my style. So when Vicki announced her giveaway and a link, I will mail this to someone who:
1. Is really truly going to use it. It is for 2 1/2" strips. Look up the site and see if it is your cup of tea.
2. Tells me one post on my blog they like. 
3. I will choose the winner randomly by number on Thursday. Make sure you are not a no reply blogger.
Unused template, just the plastic wrapper is off.


Pauline G said...

Looks a good idea and I'm a glutton for new tools!

Rina Mason said...

Ok, I went and watched several of their videos and I would use it. At first I was worried about the waste and then decided that I could create borders or quilts of my own designs with it. I have to admit that I am a sucker from new templates and tools but I also almost always end up using them time and time again. This one looks really fun to use and I love that interlocking weave pattern, I know I would make that more than once.

As far as a post on your blog I thought the Lavender Kenmore was a good one. Love how your husband went back to get it for you while you were sleeping. Also like the Hands2Help post. I'm a quiet follower and don't comment much but do read all your post. Thanks for the chance at the winning the X-Blocks Basix and yes you would have loved the Bloc_Loc rulers. They are so easy to use and give great results. Rina

Jen Barnard said...

I'd use it, I like easy quilts that look harder than they were and this looks like it would be great for that. I like you post from the 29th of May showing pictures of flowers from your garden. You could make a pixel quilt - there are places on-line to make a pattern for free.
jen dot barnard at btinternet dot com

Dody said...

Oh, I would definitely use this. Or should I say pick me, pick me! I liked your crumb quilt ,attic window blog. Crumb quilts are fun.

GranChris said...

I would give this to my daughter. I love mine. I loved your discussion on your Grand Illusion if that counts as a Tutorial.

mlhummy said...

I;m very new to quilting and am looking for something to get my creative juices going. I think this little gadget may be just the thing. :) I really enjoyed your February 25 blog entry about the Purpose of Quilts!

Elizabeth said...

I will never use it. Looks like fun, but I don't think it is for me. As for your blog, it's all good.

Vicki in MN said...

I am kinda a sucker for new quilting tools, I would definitely use it! I would try it out on a childs quilt and donate it to Ronald McDonald. I really enjoyed seeing all your colorful flowers-I didn't take the time to plant many this year :-(