Tuesday, June 9, 2015

At the Genesee Valley Quilt Guild Show

     Not only was I at the show on Sunday, June 7th, but so were three of my quilts. After seeing them up, I saw all their flaws and thought maybe I should not have sent them. I picked them up after the show along with sealed envelopes of judges comments. 
     I waited until this morning to read them. I should have not opened them. I never entered for recognition, just to show my ideas. I was given a bunch of minuses for piecing technique, FMQ stitches, and binding. I thought that was the decent part.  Hmm. No more judged shows or if I do, I will toss the comments on the way out of the show. Now my quilts seem less to me. I put one of them on a guest bed and it seems at home there.
Both quilts are mine
Rubik's crush


Dre in PA said...

Well no one really enjoys criticism.
"Art in Search". It isn't about perfect technique is it?

Anonymous said...

After entering a few quilts I realized I had to choose. Either make a quilt to impress the judges, or, make a quilt to please me. I haven't competed for quite a while. Your work is inspiring.
Lillian, near Cape Cod

Jan said...

I love your quilts. Pooh on those judges. I like that rubiks cube one. I don't remember seeing that before. I like what Lillian said, above.

Elizabeth said...

Well, you know what I will say. So I don't have to say it. I love the quilts. As Lillian said, inspiring. Likely you inspired others at the show. Judges aren't always right.

Peg said...

So, the quilting police gave you a few citations. ...because your comfort quilts did not meet their "standards." But consider the "wasted" lives of the winning quilts. They are like "Birds in Gilded Cage"

She's only a bird in a gilded cage,
A beautiful sight to see,
You may think she's happy and free from care,
She's not, though she seems to be,
'Tis sad when you think of her wasted life...

The "beautiful sights to see" are only for looking - not touching. Their lives are spent briefly on a wall at shows. They are "so perfect" that they go back into their preserving pouches, never to be touched, caressed, give comfort. And then it's back on a wall at another show somewhere, so the judges can give another "gold star." What a waste!!!

Your quilts are FOR touching, caressing, LOVE and COMFORT. How generous and wunderful!

Hope said...

Please remember that the judges comments are only the opinions of one person. It doesn't take away the value of your quilt. I am not a judge, but I love every quilt I see because I know that each stitch comes from the heart. I find beauty in that. Don't let this stop your joy in making quilts. Just enjoy yourself, keep stitching. Quiltmaking is so much more than competition. I am healed as I sew, and I'm sure many quilters can say the same. Put your quilts in shows to share with others, not for any judges, ever. Peace and love to you.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Thanks, Hope. Your words captured how I think about the quilts. I love fabric, colors, and putting pieces together in beautiful ways. Although I always strive to make my work better and have improved, it is the vehicle that puts together the quilt, not the engine. Thank you for your insight.