Saturday, January 17, 2015

Made fabric and Flowering Snowball block

    I love making made fabric from scraps. I usually do this on the treadle when I need something mindless. I also love curves and have been wanting to make a double wedding ring, but have held off for now. The other day when I was browsing the Modern Quilt block site on Flickr, I saw this beautiful quilt. I asked the poster what it was and she wrote that it is called the flowering snowball. I googled it and found a pattern. I tried two different colors for the curves- yellows and black and white prints. I think I will stick with these for now. I used template plastic, but may buy plexiglass ones.
   After doing all those curves in Circle Dance, this is a piece of cake. I don't even use a pin.


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Very nice!! Lots of fabrics - but not as busy as "Grand Illusion" - ;))

dq said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog and my first flowering snowball block. I love your "made fabric" idea, probably because I love scrappy. I do favor the black and white background fabrics.

I will email you an answer to your question.