Saturday, January 3, 2015

Keeping track

    I have posted before how I try to document what I am doing. I do this, not because I love paperwork, but want to know where I am and what I have finished.
   All my info is kept in a three ring binder. I have a log I invented and just recently updated so it would be easier to keep and get info from. If anyone wants a log sheet, just let me know and I will send you the Word file. Why start from scratch? 
   Red dots mean the quilt is completed. Just a few sample pages are shown. After I do the log, I list particulars on notebook paper so I can figure out what needs doing at a glance. I like to do backing in groups as so much fabric has to be dragged out and auditioned. I also do bindings in group and cutting. When I get bright ideas of what I want to work on, I write them down, or they get lost in my mind. All of this is in one notebook, right on my shelf near my machines and cutting area.
Revised style

Blank log sheet

When these get too filled up and messy, I rewrite them on a fresh sheet

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