Sunday, October 19, 2014

Spa time for another 401

    This 401 was rescued from a rural auction in Springville, NY by a friend's husband for $25. It was mighty dirty, but surprisingly, the electrical was very good. There was rust on all the metal surfaces, but not very deep. Between the TR3, KrudKutter, and Mother's aluminum polish and lots of cotton balls and wooden sticks, it finished up very, very nice. The piston for the zig zag was not frozen up. It just has a little nick out the edge of one gear tooth in the top gear which is not impeding the stitching. I can hear it though as it runs. 


     After I saw this photo, I cleaned the lower part of the machine under the bed and took off the hinges. Never unscrew the hinges from the cabinet like this- unscrew the set screw that holds the pin of the hinge in the machine and slide off the machine. They were dumping the cabinet which I think is why they did this. Anyways, it is shiny under the lip edge now.

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Terri said...

Congrats on owning a 401 - I've got one in the cabinet. I can take it with me to sew-ins, but the one lady in charge (a crocheter) wanted me to sew faster! (for charity) The foot pedal is the old variety - very small sewing spot, and I am not used to using a foot pedal. I love the knee control. So much easier.
Anyway, you will love the 401. It's a trusty work horse.