Monday, October 6, 2014

HST trimming

     I won a charm pack at QBL this summer. I put another black and white charm pack with it to make HSTs. The print charm pack was short squares and the cuts seemed off. So, although I matched the squares and drew two lines off the center with a little ruler tool, when I cut them in half, they were not even. I used my 4 1/2" square ruler on the diagonal line to trim them as in the photo. They are closer to perfect than when I do not trim, but just sew them together. I am trying to be more precise and professional. When I get them all trimmed as it is time consuming, I will arrange them on the design wall.
The HST opened and it is not square and has dog ears.
The HST folded back in half, see the uneven?

The HST with the diagonal line of the ruler on the seam line

The HST edges and dog ears trimmed

The HST the best I can get it with those pinked edges
and keeping it 4 1/2" square.

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