Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Blown away by Giveaway Response!

Tree from Niagara on the Lake last Thursday
  Omigosh!! I was totally unprepared for the response to the Fall Giveaway I linked to Vicki Wesh's page. I had tried a pattern giveaway before. I was going to give a free pattern every Friday for 8 weeks. I had no takers. So, I thought I would put a big pile together and try again for at least one someone. Well, the outpouring of quilters was amazing. 
  I have been the recipient of generous quilters, especially in fabric, as I make comfort quilts for chemo patients. Lots of scraps and FQs have come my way so I can keep sewing and giving.
   I was pondering what to do and it hit me that I should spread the wealth around. I am going to split up the patterns to a number of  you who identified an interest and pattern, I am going to email you for your mailing address and send to more than one. I pulled some magazines and a few other patterns that I know I won't get to. I am going to contact about 6 of you and see if that works for you. I will just pay more postage, so what! 
   Remember, if you are a no comment responder or a google + responder, I don't know your email to reply.
   Thanks so much for responding and sharing a bit about your quilting!

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Gwen said...

Sounds great!! :-) Thanks so much for the fun chance to win! :-)