Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another day, another tuneup, cleanup

     A woman from my guild received a 401 from a neighbor and asked me if I would clean it up for her. Gladly I will clean them to keep them going. This one had been in a basement. The foot pedal was totally corroded inside and stuck in the on full bore position. It needs replacement. I don't think a lint brush was ever used. It took a couple of hours with a dental pick and pointed wood sticks to remove a huge wad of felt pushed all around the hook and lower gears. And it was moldy. Thankfully, no corrosion inside. The oil must have preserved it. I polished it all and am waiting for the foot. It does run and the light works as I used one of my controllers to test it. These are the before photos.
Why oh why, masking tape on the bed?

Red marker lines, Really?
The camstack took sometime to degunk and move freely,
not the worse I have seen

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Terri said...

A sewing machine is a terrible thing to waste. I have my mom's 401 - I've had other kinds, but this is the best I've ever used.