Tuesday, June 24, 2014

401 ready to rock!

    Mary's 401 is all ready to stitch a storm. All polished, adjusted, oiled, greased. New spool pins and felts, new foot controller, it is an awesome machine. The needle did not want to move off center and took ages to swing. I can't believe how well these are machined and made. I would clean one any day of the week! She was really happy with it and has taken it to her cottage for summer sewing.
Clean camstack. Took a long time to get the zig zag working and needle to swing.
Clean bobbin area, no more moldy lint
It's go time!


Peg said...

Looks great! What did you do to the camstack to get it to move? I have a seized Elgin stack that has so far defied all my attempts.

Dre in PA said...


Terri said...

Hey! That's my machine... was Mom's and I got it.
Works like a dream.. hope yours does, too.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I took the camstack out completely and cleaned it with rubbing alcohol. I did not take it apart. I cleaned under it and all around with the alcohol. Lots of oil with hair dryer heat. Lots of manual moving the needle bar and levers for the camstack. Works like a charm.