Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A few finishes

     The Bailey has been chugging along, noisily, I may add. I was able to quilt two comfort quilts made by a guild member's dad. Camille's dad is 92 and in a nursing home. She taught him how to sew strips a little while ago, and now he lays the pieces on his bed, figures out a layout and stitches it. Very well, I may add. She asked me if I would quilt these for the the guild. This should inspire anyone to make a comfort quilt. It is one of my quilt peeves that the quilting stitching gets such short shrift at times. Sometimes a gorgeous pieced quilt just has some random meanderings over it. The pattern, the fabric deserve so much more than that. I did some simple FMQ patterns in these quilts, one more to go. Can you see how the stitching really enlivens such a simple quilt, even flannels? Don't look too close at my stitches, I am a stitch work in progress.


Elizabeth said...

Nice. I am still struggling up the learning curve with the Bailey on the frame.

Peg said...

Love how the back came out on the Football* quilt.
*name for soccer everywhere else but the US.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Thanks for the comment on the FMQ! It was fun.