Monday, January 6, 2014

Surprises and Finishes

    By mentioning surprises, I don't mean the weather- it's winter, it's Buffalo, I accept that. The first couple days of the new year brought some unexpected big delights. First, Quilting by the Lake, a program from the Schweinfurth Museum in Auburn, NY with extraordinary teachers, called me and offered me a 5 day scholarship for classes in July!! By July, I thought I could have scrapped up enough to take a 2 day class with Victoria Findlay Wolfe, but never 5 days there. What it would have cost for an entire 2 days, I can stay all 5! Just the lodging to come up with, and if I had a room mate, it could be even cheaper. So, there is still room for her classes or others, so maybe think about coming. I love scraps and colors and Victoria is a master with both. I never win anything and wow, here it is.
  Second, I have a good friend who is a fantastically talented jeweler. She is an art teacher and a Roycroft artisan jeweler. In the mail, I got a pair of silver angel earring with glass beads that are just terrific. I can't take a picture of myself with my camera and I have a stupid phone, so have to get someone else to photo them for me.
  In the cleaning department, I finished the Kenmore and it is ready to go home. I was going to deliver it at the quilt guild meeting tonight, but it got weather cancelled. It is pretty spiffy and sews up a storm.
In its zipper case, ready to be used. Power cords and pedal in made bag.
    On the vintage machine forums, it has been mentioned about using TR3 resin glaze to polish paint and Mothers Mag and Aluminum polish for metal. Wow, great stuff. I picked up some last week at Pep Boys and used it on an old 66 treadle both the paint and metal. I also shined up my new 15. I used cotton balls just like the forum people said. The old 66 was a real wreck. All the metal was rusted. I read about using cider vinegar to soak the metal. In a bucket, I piled all the metal pieces in with the cider vinegar, and in 24 hours, I could not believe it was all gone. Now with the Mother's, I can restore the shine.
Left side, 1/4 of it polished, rest with rust removed

Right edge with polish after rust removal

Top with TR3 and cotton balls

What the black surface looks like without polish

Great Products
     Comfort Quilt finish- orange jelly roll strips from and Liz has a great sale right now. I just bought some animal skin prints, plain white, and some gray/blacks. The pattern is the 3 Dudes quilt from Missouri Star Quilt company except I used 6 strips cut into blocks instead of 4. I auditioned colors to make the orange pop and be happy. I never decide my borders or binding fabric until the quilt is pieced because I can make better choices to highlight the center.
Auditioning for the border

Ready for basting and backing
     Another Comfort Quilt, the 4 patch B&W leader and ender, is all quilted and bound. The backing donated by Esta is a lot of fun.


Finished Quilt
   Wow, that was a lot to get through, but I hate taking pictures off the camera, naming them, putting them in folders, so I tend to do it all at the same time. I did not photo my machine disasters lately, so I won't be sharing those!


Peg said...

Of all people, you really deserve that scholarship. Congratulations!
Thanks for the info on vinegar and polishes for shining up old machines. You spoke of using vinegar earlier, but I was afraid to use it - now I will.
I especially like your quilting stitches. Do you free motion all of them?

Peg said...

Just checked out the Quilting by the Lake info - I just LOVE Karen Eckmeier's work. Wish I could join you but will be too engrossed in Garden design in the summer.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I only put metal in it, no painted surfaces. The rust was really bad. After a day, it scrubbed right off. I just used cheap cider vinegar. I washed it all after with sudsy soap to neutralize it.

Linda Swanekamp said...

They have great teachers. Last year, I went to tour day there. For a day, usually Thursday, you tour all the classrooms, get lunch, see the show, and have an instructor give a talk. Last year, Cynthia England left me rolling on the floor with her Texas humor. I recommend one day to tour if you can't do a class.