Thursday, January 2, 2014

Machines, machines, oh my!

     For Christmas, I got a "new" Singer 15. Elizabeth convinced me to get one with a belt, so it could be used in a treadle. I got in on ebay, and it was packed very well. It looked great until I started to clean it. The wiring of the new power cord is not great, and a split in the wire to the light needs repair. Now, wiring is just not my area. I am begging my busy husband to connect these properly so I can sew with this. There is a little more rust than I like on the tension knob. It came with a button holer, so I need to learn how to use it. It is an older 15 with the fancy designs on the metal plates which I like. I cleaned, polished, and oiled it. Now, it is just sitting there.
Pristine box, one of the best delivered

Removed top styrofoam panel to see machine

Before cleaning or polishing, an after photo will come when the wiring is fixed.

OMIGOSH, what a poor job!
    My lovely 201, refurbished, is my piecing machine. It had been running flawlessly. In the last couple of days, the motor is slow, it will not go fast. The more I sew, the slower it gets. There is no laboring sound. The machine moves freely. I don't know how hot the motor is supposed to get, but when I touch the backcover, it is hot to the touch. I assume all the wires are connected because it runs. I tried another foot controller and it was exactly the same. I do not know what to do next. Again, electricity and me have no symbiotic relationship. Last night when sewing on a binding, it got so slow, I sewed the binding on the treadle which was able to sew much faster. Even if I took the motor off, I have no idea what to look for.
   The 301s are behaving and so is the 401. I still have to somehow fit the wires in the foot controller for my friend's White. I can't find one of those stoppers that fit in the hole to stop the wire from pulling out and there is not room enough to tie a knot. The Kenmore needs the tension finessed and it can go home. It never got warm enough here to strip the treadle cabinet as it did just south of here, so it waits. It is snowing and very cold, so I just want to sew, sew, sew. I need to do one more post to list my goals and I will be caught up.


Peg said...

If you are going to use it as a treadle, why worry about the wiring? Looks beautiful.

Peg said...

Was just thinking about the singer 15 to use on a treadle. Are you familiar with the Japanese 15 clones? I find them easier to use for free motion applications because they have a dial for dropping the feed dogs that Singer 15's don't have. Their bodies are mostly the same as a Singer, but the dial is a great improvement and they can be easily mounted on a treadle. Have seen some go on clist and ebay for $20. I think they are great machines.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I have one treadle with an old 15, a gingerbread Tiffany. It runs very well, but doesn't have reverse. The new treadle stand, that needs refinishing, is going to be for a Singer 237 that is just begging to go in. This new 15 could go in as a swap sometime if the need arose. The 237 is so I can treadle zig zag.