Friday, January 31, 2014

A true Beauty, classic and strong!

    It is about a month early for my birthday, but I saw a Singer 15-91 on ebay that was so pristine and strong looking that I melted. I have an old treadle 15 (no reverse) and a 15 with a belt and motor that is still not running because it was shipped with a new cord not attached properly to the terminal. I don't do electrical and my husband has had no time to look at it. This one was just so, so lovely and shiny, all ready to as they say, plug and play. I usually piece on one of my 301s, but wanted something a little stronger because I would like to sew some bags as well as own one real spiffy black Singer. My mailman was a bit skeptical about bringing it to the door, but he relented gratefully instead of making me go to the PO and lug it from there to my car. 
   It was packed great, nothing moved inside. The seller took every precaution to wrap everything separately and wisely. I tried it out and it sews great. I will have to tweak the tension a little bit, but that is all. All cleaned, oiled, shined, new wiring. Wow. Don't ask what I paid. It is worth it to have such a machine. I love to clean machines, but there is something grand about a new one showing up like this.
Box in terrific shape, way to go USPS!

Flaps open to styro

Next, an ocean of peanuts

Yes, there is a machine in there

In its cocoon, ready to emerge

Yes! as shiny as the ebay photo!


Peg said...

Oh Sooooo beautiful! I LOVE the 15 mechanism. I LOVE my 15-91 so MUCH more than my 201 - no matter what anyone else says. AND I LOVE, LOVE LOVE all my Japanese 15 clones with their so handy feed dog drop dials. 15's are the BEST machine for quilters because they have that super long straight stitch, they are so great at FMQ and they are SO strong and yet can handle dainty fabric like silk.

Enjoy your early birthday present

Unknown said...

I took a Canadian Singer 15-89 (15-91 w/external motor) removed the motor - cleaned and adjusted it and placed it in my Singer 66 treadle cabinet. I then went to McMasters and replaced the leather treadle belt with a polypropolene belt - very quiet and have no worries about it stretching or breaking. I also have 2 -15-91's that I have lent out to local 4H'ers.


Linda Swanekamp said...

Well, I sewed a whole top on it, no issues. The bobbin winder arm that comes down on the bobbin seems a little off, other than that, it is great.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I bought a 15 with external motor before Christmas, but the cord was plopped in the terminals and have not had it running, I could put in it a treadle stand.