Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Triumph! Celebrate!

     Yes! I finished the treadle resuscitation! October of 2013, I bought a treadle cabinet that was, um, rough. It had a Lotus in it which I am still trying to rejuvenate. The reason I bought it was to have a zig zag treadle. I bought a Singer 237 from Elizabeth in November of 2013 and serviced that. I loved hers when I visited her in September 2013.
      I could only refinish in warm type weather as I had to do all that work outdoors due to fumes. It was very time intensive and my husband was sanding the garage a good deal of the summer; then rebuilding the patio, limiting my space and depositing much dust. Irons were cleaned and painted. After all the old finish was taken care of (used Formby's Refinisher), I used Minwax Antique Oil finish. Did not like it. Then I used tung oil, glossy finish. Much better, but I learned something: Buy the treadle cabinet in the absolute best condition you can afford. Your time is more precious, especially when you would rather be quilting.
     Finally, my husband had time to screw it together and lug it upstairs. I plopped the machine in, put on the rubber belt, and sewed! I used the zig zag to stitch down many scraps of batik to make art cards with invisible thread, and then freemotioned on it with black Glide. It was flawless. Treadle triumph!! This treadle joins my parlor cabinet Singer 15 Tiffany. They are back to back in my sewing studio, aka old living room.
    Still have a few pieces of trim to glue back on.

With first project done!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful job, Linda. I can attest to the work and patience it takes to restore a rough cabinet. I didn't have quite as much to work with at the start as you did, but I'm very satisfied with the results too. It was a GREAT learning experience. I'm just finishing up another "great learning experience" for my 31-15, and then I think I'll follow your advice about starting with good cabinets :-). Congratulations on a completed project!

Carolyn on the Suwannee

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great job! I've cleaned some irons, but, I haven't fixed up the wood on any of my treadles. I've cheated so far, and, I just use blue tape, and tape template plastic over the rough part when I sew.

DragonPoodle said...

You have done a fabulous job and the 237 is a great machine to treadle. Enjoy!

Elizabeth said...

I had forgotten about that 237! Nice job. What a gorgeous cabinet.

Peg said...

Nice job Linda. I may be the only person on earth who prefers restoring furniture to quilting. I so admire your persistence with organizing and USING all those little scrap fabric pieces. Piecing a quilt gets me VERY frustrated, but scraping all that "glith" off a cabinet makes me very satisfied. Enjoy your 237 - I love those machines too.

Mary said...

You and your husband did a wonderful job giving this piece new life!

Sew Lady Sew! said...

I LOVE it and am trying to do the same. Your post is most inspiring.