Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Pouring on the ice

     My friend and Elizabeth and I are pushing our comfort zone again and tried ice dyeing. On an 85 degree humid day. I got my grandkids and daughter in law involved and they did shirts. We used PFD Kona white. I rinsed it all out 24 hours later, washed and ironed it all. Will have photos later as I have to pin it all up to photo. Will try out my new lights.
     Here are the bins with the ice and dye. I used Dharma's Procion Dyes. Found out that the bins with slits and sides work better than cooling racks because the ice stays contained inside the plastic bin instead of falling off the rack into the plastic basin. Tried to prop up the ice to not much success.
Bin with sides and slits
Propped up ice, could not get ice deep enough
Propped up ice, could not get ice deep enough

Bin with sides and slits
Left for 24 hours


Debbie said...

Where there;s a will, there is a way. The bin with slit idea is perfect I think. Know the kids enjoyed it.

The Joyful Quilter said...

What FUN!!!