Sunday, August 19, 2018

Piecing the blocks

     Finally, I sewed all the components for the floral 4 patches quilts. Now, it is a matter of sewing them by nine patches. I laid out all the blocks on freezer paper, ironed the components down, and one by one am sewing the nine patches by using a webbing method. 
     I turn the middle column onto the left hand side one, right sides together, chain piece, use a leader ender piece, then sew the right side pieces onto the webbed pieces. I press the seams, and then just sew the 2 long rows to complete the block. I do iron the long seams open, not the others.  I have 4 done and had to see what it looked like. Now for 26 more. Pretty picky seams. If I did not have the forked pins, I would be in big seam matching trouble.
     By the way, here are the flannel pillowcase combos for Christmas presents. It is Moda flannel- quite thick and comfy. The skinny folded pieces will be the bands. Now I have to wash the fabric, cut it and make them. Trying to screw up the energy to zig zag the raw edges so I don't have a thread nest mess in the dryer.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Loving the webbed blocks!!

Preeti said...

Black and White and Bright Florals - Love the colors and the contrast!!!
There is is nothing subtle about this one :-)

Debbie said...

Most excellent blocks. Very strong and striking. Worth all the effort to get things to match. Look so good.

Mystic Quilter said...

Oh nice floral blocks and I would never have thought of using your freezer paper method.