Monday, March 12, 2018

Magic Fabric

     Magic fabric is that which appears in your mailbox, totally unsolicited and not agonized over in a digital cart.
     It was a blessing to me that fabric arrived during my recouping epoch. The first was goodies from Maureen. I am treasuring the envelope that it came in because it has my name on it and a New Zealand postmark, wow. Thank you, Maureen.
     Next, floral strips came from Debbie. I already used some to start a new floral quarter log cabin .

    And maybe not so magic, but the day I got home from the hospital, I ordered a bunch of Kaffe fabric that I thought might disappear due to FreeSpirit being discontinued. False alarm, fabric still loved.


Debbie said...

Pretty, pretty....Mo did you up right! Great color and fabrics. You are set to rock and roll now! These things should speed that recovery right up.

Mystic Quilter said...

You're welcome Linda!! Pleased you're happy with the envelope from NZ - I have yours on my studio wall!
Lovely strips from Debbie for your quarter log cabin, hope you'll show us a photo soon. I was going to order KF but went with Tula Pink instead and like yourself thought it was all going to disappear!
Love your selection though, and a girl can't have too much fabric!

Quiltdivajulie said...

How wonderful!!! Obviously I wasn't the only one who worried for a while that the KF fabrics and others by Free Spirit designers would disappear.