Friday, January 26, 2018

Guild Mystery Reveal

     Over a year ago, my program co-chair and I came up with a mystery quilt for our guild. Elizabeth drafted it out herself and we fine tuned it and wrote the clues. We could not find a mystery quilt that appealed to us and would make use of the whole lesson we did for the guild on half square triangles (HSTs). So, with a lot of effort, the clues were made and passed out. I made all the blocks first ironed to freezer paper and put them up on the design wall so we knew we did not have any mistakes.
     The big reveal is the first Monday in February. I finished quilting and binding it today. Since maybe one person in the guild reads my blog, I am showing it today here. All our snow melted, so it was kind of muddy and not as picturesque, but it was sunny. It is an original pattern and I chose to do it all scrappy. Again, I have to say, I don't like it. The effect I was after in the lights and darks did not show up. The contrast between the inside triangles of the stars and the points was not enough for me. I don't know what else I could have used- I could not go any darker or lighter without issues. I better make something I love pretty soon. 
     I do like the quilting. I used MagnaSoft bobbins from Fil-tec. This solved all my tension woes in the bobbin area. I have to solve the irregular tension issue with regular bobbins. The top was Glide. The backing was a big hunk given to me for comfort quilts, which this will be. It is 68" x 78".

Inside photo
On the fence

Outside light, a little bright out 


Debbie said...

It is beautiful! A very dynamic quilt design that jumps up and grabs your attention. I spent some time to study it and figure out why you did not like it. So all the pictures were helpful! And the backing fabric is wild and works well. Your quilting is over the top and just beautiful.

I am not sure what effect you wanted in the dark and light contrast. There are a lot of red/pink fabrics used that may have thrown off your contrast idea. Pink especially is going to fool the eye at a distance and always fall to the light....and upclose will contrast with other lights. Is that what you mean?
Either way, it is a beauty and someone will enjoy it.

diane said...

It's very lovely and I don't see what you see. (Isn't it great we don't all see the same thing) I'm thinking if I had made up a mystery I would be saying what you are because we are alway too hard on ourselves. With that said I think it's wonderful. I like the visual I see and think it's a refreshing look. You are so talented and did a super job on the quilting and the backing is so perfect. Enjoy what you made.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

What a great mystery quilt! Nicely done!

Jan said...

As the one person who reads your blog, (LOL) I have to say I love the 3-d effect. It really pops. Your quilting is FABULOUS as always. I think this is a beautiful quilt, and I want to tell you how much all of us in the guild appreciate all the work you and Elizabeth do. I will probably even make this quilt! XOXO