Sunday, January 21, 2018

Coming up- landscape collage

     My friend Elizabeth and I are program co-chairs for our guild for 2 more years (year one down). We have ended up doing most of the monthly presentations. We meet once a week to plan. This coming Monday will be Landscape Collage using Fabric Modge Podge, a photo, tracing paper, and lots of cutting. I have made many of my cards this way. I got the idea from the book "Crafted Applique" by Lara Buccella. The Modge Podge is squeeged across the back of fabric- we used old credit cards instead of a foam brush because the brush leaves little too thick deposit. We did mounds of fabric for the class.
     We have a Sony Handicam and projector for the presentation. I think we have everything ready for the hands on workshop. Here is progress of my sample. I did mine on heavy interfacing, but the class will do it on matboard for ease of transporting home. 
Tracing paper taped to side of work to check fabric placement

I forgot to take a completed photo, will get it later.


Debbie said...

Wow, I sure wish I could come. This looks like a lot of fun! Love the idea of creating the landscape this way. and using a credit card spreader if a great idea too! This this will be a great meeting:)

Julie said...

I took a class in landscape quilts, and it was a long day for me. I decided it was not my thing at all. But the technique transferred to many different projects over the years, and I am grateful I did it after the fact. Layering so it looks realistic is an art. I hope your guild appreciates all your work and preparation.

Ann said...

I find that brush is too think, also. Thanks for the tip about using old credit cards. Did you dip the card and then squeegee it or drop the mod podge on the fabric and then use a card?