Monday, October 9, 2017

A twist on Disappearing Nine Patch.

     In a couple weeks, I have to give a program at my guild called "Easy Scrappy Quilts" and talk about making precuts from scrap fabric, storing them, and turning them into quilts. One pattern that I revisited was the disappearing nine patch, but added sashing to the blocks. I got the pattern idea from a pattern on Interweave by Lisa Swenson Ruble called Disappearing Nine Patch. I made the quilt with 12 blocks instead of 20 (3 x 4) because it will be a comfort quilt for a child. I will show this quilt in my presentation. Yes, I made a big mistake in orienting the animals. I arrranged them like I would for a regular Dis9Patch, but they stay in the same orientation in this block. 
Making the blocks 
With sashing


Debbie said...

That's a twist on pre-cuts. and those topsy-turvey animals just add to the fun! I sure the presentation will be great!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Topsy turvy animals in a child's quilt are perfect. Good luck with the presentation!