Monday, June 12, 2017

The agony and the ecstasy

     Since my studio is in my home, I am around a lot. My small yard is an inspiration to me. Last week, I had to have two trees removed- one diseased and one to make room for the garage expansion for my husband's man cave workshop. I loved the larch removed for the expansion. I brought it home in a bucket and watched it grow tall. It looses its needles in the fall and when they grow back in spring, it looks like a Dr. Seuss tree, but alas, no more. The white pine was being destroyed by borers, but the tree crew destroyed my plants, trampling the iris, heuchera and such. They still need to come back and grind out the stumps, oh, joy. Then we can replace the leaking pond shell (new one in the wings) and put the fish and plants back. Then I can repair, recreate, or something the trashed area. We are thinking of planting a columnar oak in its place. 
    On the ecstasy side in the front, the herbaceous peonies, japanese iris (back ones maimed), lupines and others are stunning. We don't have a huge growing season and I fear the back will look like a war zone all season. Still waiting for the concrete guys to dig up and pour the pad. Then the framers. It will be a long summer. I just have to keep looking out front.

The larch trunk


Barb said...

Sad to see a big tree go - but your flowers are gorgeous.
I have total pond envy! I hope you'll share a photo of it

Debbie said...

Sad here to see it go, and the mess that comes with it. But the other flowers are beautiful. So now you have time to remake the area. Going thru the ground up construction of the garage will require nerves of steel as the construction noise and mess can be a bit much. In the end it will be great!

Elizabeth said...

We had to take down a gorgeous silver maple a few years ago. It was old and hollow. I hated to lose that tree. Worse when you raised it yourself and it was healthy. I feel your pain. Still the flowers are lovely. I had to ditch gardening in favor of sewing. Sigh. But I still have some Iris. echinacea, two different rudbeckia and the lilacs and mock oranges. Oh and day lilies, black cohosh and some asiatic lilies. Oh don't forget the tansy and the sweet cicely.

Mystic Quilter said...

I seem to be missing posts Linda, hadn't seen this come up in my list. Beautiful, beautiful flowers, those colours would be lovely in a quilt wouldn't they?

Sarah said...

I'm afraid I wouldn't know a larch if it fell in me...need to b on the lookout. Gorgeous flowers. Fingers crossed the man cave expansion progresses smoothly with minimal further destruction. Happy quilting in public day!