Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sewing, not quilting

     I am a quilter. I love to sew flat things. I understand that. When it comes to garment sewing or accessories, beads of sweat break out. It is difficult for me to follow word directions with either no or not clear pictures and working 3D. 
     I needed to make a present for my neighbor (who authored the book I illustrated) for her 50th birthday party tomorrow. She writes from home and I see her outside when the weather is good with her iPad. I searched for a patterns for a cover or sleeve for it when she travels. I looked at a lot of them, but settled on a flap covered pocket. I used the bag pattern from here,
but did not use the handles or clasp idea. This pattern was a sample from a book. I had a lot of trouble understanding what to do. I made a practice one first that I could use myself. Wow, did I make a lot of mistakes because the directions were sketchy to me. For the most important part of sewing the lining to the outside was lacking because it said to look in the book at techniques. I ripped the lining so many times, I had to cut a new one. Finally I got it together and it fit my iPad with the hard case. I used Soft and Stable instead of fusible fleece. Quickly, I made another one while it was still in my head. Not fun, but I finished it. My friend Elizabeth, from my guild, would have taken one look at the picture and figured the whole thing out. I have to use a couple of most disliked words I know "trial and error."
Two bags made
First one a bit snug and the flap looked funky
Has two front pockets
Case open

A little bigger and flap looks better
     My granddaughter, who thinks I can sew anything, demanded I make a sleeping bag for her Peppa Pig. Yikes, lots of trial and errors and a pretty lopsided bag for the Pig. I feel the deep need to do some piecing, anything.



Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I need lots of pictures, too. I have learned to make pin cushion thread catchers (after trial and error) and took pictures of the process. I finally made a tutorial on my blog, for reference. I've done the same thing for the few bags or purses I've learned to make. Thanks goodness, I had someone teach me with both projects. Now I can make them by myself. I never was good at following directions. If I can figure out how to make the quilt block, then I can make the quilt. I've 'changed' the directions many times, to make the blocks the way I want, not they way they say to make them (I'm all for the easiest way). You did a fine job.

Debbie said...

I've been sewing since I was about 10....and made my clothes for high school and college. So I rarely follow patterns either, only because I have my own way of lining or doing pockets. I think your sleeves for the tablet look good...and someone who doesn't sew will never know your challenges.

Missy Shay said...

I know how you feel, I have trouble making anything from patterns also. I need lots of help or I mess it up.

Mystic Quilter said...

Just what I need, I've visited the blog and downloaded the tutorial. I will give the handles a miss and just go with the flap. Thanks for showing this.