Wednesday, October 5, 2016

2 on the wall

     Yes, I have multiple projects going on at a time. Some are stalled, some are percolating in my head, and some are awaiting decisions. Two on the wall right now need some direction.
      The first one is a unexpected and glorious gift from a friend. She heard me say how much I would like to do a butterfly quilt. Her sister does embroidery that my friend turns into quilts. She gifted me with a large panel with gorgeous butterflies. I want to surround it with blocks and turn it into a twin size quilt. I thought maybe a lattice floral block would work, so I tried a few blocks to one side. Have to think about it more and make some more blocks.
     Next, is a project that keeps getting put back in a bag. I love denim. I collect old jeans to cut up. I don't like sewing denim to denim, so I use connector strips. I made some large dresden plates and sewed them to denim. I am trying to determine how to fill in the space between the corners. I thought maybe I would use pieces of denim the height of the corners and use the hand dyed fabric as divider strips. I also would like to add something top and bottom to make this quilt rectangular. So it sits there on the wall, stuck again. My math abilities to figure out sizes is not so great.


Kevin the Quilter said...

I am loving your denim dresden project! It really sings to me! Perhaps if you had various shades of demim you could do some type of piano key between the four corners? Just a suggestion?

Mystic Quilter said...

I too love the bright denim project, the colours just dance against the dark blue.

Debbie said...

Those butterflies are amazing, and so beautiful. I love your idea of the florals around them. but I think they are overwhelming the center. You might try just a 2-21/2'' strip around the center.....make it a mix of floral prints in medium values. Then add an outer border in the soft green, or pale blue, or color found in the center. That should let the center be the star.

Denim is fun and like the idea you have for it. To make it more rectangular add a band of scraps of your hand dyes, between strips of denim, to the top and bottom only. I do this a lot to expand quilts.

Missy Shay said...

Those butterflies are gorgeous. I love the Dresdens, but I'm terrible with math too.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

When I read your post title, my first thought was "Only 2?!?!" - LOL - then I saw "multiple projects" and didn't feel so bad about my long list of UFOs/Projects/Squirrels - ;))

And - I'm a math nerd - so I would try sketching it out on graph paper - using "finished" sizes. Measure the pieces you have already - subtract 1/2" in both directions for seam allowances (1/4" on each side) - sketch those in - then fill in the blanks. When you're done - measure the pieces that you drew - then add 1/2" in each direction - to figure out what size to "cut" them - ;))

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I really like the denim project so far.