Thursday, May 21, 2015

Very special spool doilies

     When I was in Paducah, at one of the scrumptious church luncheons, was a lacemaking guild demonstration. I cannot imagine how people make the lace with all those bobbins hanging all over with such thin threads. The lace is really beautiful. One woman was giving away tatted bookmarks that she had made. I saw it and said I would love tatted spool doilies the same weight and look. A while ago, I was given one that I love and tried buying some on Etsy, but they were too thin and curled up. The crochet ones don't have the same elegance. I am not a fussy decor person. I love simple blinds and my walls are white. I don't like curtains. But doilies for the spool pins on my vintage machines, ahh, so nice.
     I talked to the woman, Tammy, and she asked for my email and said she would look up some patterns and when she had some time, she would try and make one. Shortly after arriving home, she emailed me photos and color choices. I ordered five and they are just perfect in size, weight, and color. I just love them on my machines. These machines are the ones that are always out. Each serves a different function. Thank you, Tammy, you're the best!!
The treadled 237 for zig zags
The 401 for zig zags, satin stitch, blind stitch
The 301 for most piecing

The 15 treadle for scrap piecing
Closeup on 15

15-91 for purses, heavier sewing


diane said...

Lovely little doilies for some great machines. I've been looking for these. Wonder if she has more to sell. If you have any idea I'm interested.

Vicki W said...

They are so darned cute!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Those are some great machines and doilies!