Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mystery Quilt on the wall

     My guild started a mystery quilt from a well known quilter. We received clues every month. Last June we got a list of what fabric to buy which was hard not knowing what the quilt was going to look like. I picked bright and contrasting batiks and a Stonehenge with hints of lots of colors in it. The last clue was way too long as it finally showed the quilt but had so much assembly to do. I don't know if I can post its name. It was intermediate level. I did not want to do it, but they needed one more person in order to get the clues. I do love the colors, but I would not have chosen to make it because of all the repeating blocks and all those triangles. It did all fit together.

      I changed the sashing between the blocks to a dark blue with orange cornerstones. It was supposed to be the same plain Stonehenge. I thought the blocks looked too isolated that way. The last border was supposed to be the dark color that is the outer triangle of the next to last border. I thought it really put a dark frame on the quilt and did not let the blocks shine. Because I changed up, I had only a smidge of Stonehenge left for the outer border. If I had more of that Stonehenge, I would sew a thin dark border and then another Stonehenge to make it fit a double bed. I think the odds of finding that Stonehenge is pretty slim. I think I will bind it with that dark batik.
   It really is much brighter and lively than the photo.


Vicki W said...

That is kind of a weird pattern for a mystery but I do like it!

Peg said...

The dark blue sashing with orange cornerstones between the blocks looks very good. Great idea!

Snowcatcher said...

I think it's a beautiful quilt, and I think the changes you made really perked it up.