Thursday, September 4, 2014

Circle dance rolling along

    Ah, the queen size Circle dance. I ironed the extra wide batting I bought and smoothed out the batting, and pin basted the whole thing. Although I have 3- 6' tables, it was not big enough and I had to do it in sections. I used the grapefruit spoon as shown before, so the skin on my fingers is intact. The yardstick in the photo is used to smooth the batting down, using the side edge from the center of the quilt. It then also smooths out the top to the edges. A woman from my guild showed me the trick and it is very useful. So now, the quilt is all pinned and sitting next to my Bailey Home Quilter waiting for me to wind many, many bobbins. 

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Lara B. said...

Linda, that's such a beautiful, rich and colorful quilt! Can't wait to see it after you've quilted it!