Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Animal skin quilt and Rainbows

     I was able to finish the Animal skins quilt, made with strips of animal skin prints and other white and blacks strips all from jellyroll fabrics.  I used the diagonal variations pattern that was from jelly roll fabrics (freebie). My mom pieced the tubes, I trimmed the triangles and sewed the blocks, did the borders and FMQ with Glide thread. My mom sews on an old Brother that she bought when I was born. I have replaced cords and the foot controller on it, but the battered thing still sews a great straight stitch. My mom is not a quilter, but will sew 1/4" seams around squares and strips for me. She sews clothes. So, this was sewn on an old Brother, a Singer 201, and a Bailey Home Quilter. 

   My mother also sewed some strips for me to make this rainbow quilt. I sort of came up with this by watching a Tula Pink video on the Quilt Show and fooling around with some strips. I used a rainbow spectrum jelly roll from jellyroll fabrics and white strips from them. I cut the strips in half to make them 20 inches. I numbered with painters tape the order of placement. I layered a white strip on top of a color one, and had my mom sew the short ends together to make a tube. Then I cut the white strips to stagger the colors. I did this one at time to make sure I got the strips shifting well design wise. Then I pinned pairs and labeled the pairs with numbers and an arrow to what side was to be sewn. I gave them back to my mom, and she sewed the pairs on the long edge I had arrowed. She was very adventurous and pressed them open and matched the inside numbers and sewed all the pairs together making the complete top. I then added a 6" white piece on the long sides to make the quilt 56 x 66. Now, if an 82 year old lady can sew this who is not a quilter, this should give you some motivation to get sewing.
   I am thinking, since I have more spectrum rolls, of using light gray instead of white, and maybe increasing the plain fabric by 12" so even though the tube won't be even, I won't have to add a border. Hmm.
As sewn by my mom, blue painters tape numbers on side
6" white borders added to edge to make comfort quilt 56 x 66

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