Monday, April 22, 2013

More Quilts!

   I finished some projects and keep forging ahead. I have more in my head than I can work on. The baby quilt for Lydia is quilted, washed, and gone. I used glue basting for the binding and it worked perfectly. The pattern was Arcadia. The parents did not want a frilly, girly quilt so I used this pattern and yellow and purple to match the colors they chose for her room. I would like to have quilted it denser, but I ran out of time.
Close up of one corner to see quilting

Quilt with binding

    I also made progress on the crumb quilt.  All the blocks were sewn with my Singer treadle. The strips were sewn by my Singer 301 because it is faster. I love using scraps and keep begging for them for the cancer patient quilts. I trimmed the blocks to  8 1/2" and framed them in white on white. All it needs now is border fabric- nothing I have works, I have to buy some to finish this. I have the tote bag ready and just need to sew pockets on it.
Close up of individual blocks

Quilt that just needs border fabric
       Another cancer patient quilt made it out the door. Hope it is helping her during treatment. The pattern is from Gerbie which I have made before. Just uses squares, no triangles. Very easy.
Tote bag for quilt

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