Friday, March 24, 2017

"Winter" Quilt

     This quilt is called Winter from the Cultural Fusion book. The curves are cut freehand and 4 blocks at a time are stacked, cut and pieces swapped. Finally got it quilted and bound. My assistant is holding it down from the wind curling it. Glide thread top, Omni in bobbin. My friend bought me the black Marimekko and I wish I had more so the quilt would be bigger. I don't know if it is big enough to be a comfort quilt.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Another explosion- of squares

     More exploding squares- such a great scrap buster! All the blocks, 4" center start, were on the wall and it took a whole lot of moving things around so one area did not look like its own quilt. Final decision made and all the blocks are clipped by column ready to sew!
One of many movings
Final decision

Hearts off to new adventure

     My granddaughter helped me draw the winner of the heart blocks for the Orphan block adoption. She pulled the winning name out of a bag and I contacted Kathy who gave me her address. The blocks are going out in the mail today.

     Also, I made the missing blocks for Starstruck and took it off the wall, clipped by column and ready to sew.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


     I finally finished trimming (Bloc Loc Rocks!) all the HSTs made from an indigo layer cake I fell for on MSQC. There were 42 blue and white paired blocks, sewn around all 4 edges and then cut diagonally across twice. Then the trimming. It is well worth the time.
     Then, I pulled out a quilt pattern I have been dying to make- Starburst. However, I had so many HSTs and did not want to make one huge quilt, so I made two for comfort quilts. I think they will need a border and the asymmetrical one is missing 2 blocks, so I have to scare up some indigo color to make the last two. I just love, love indigo. These two do not seem like too many to me!

Spring 2017 Quilty Orphan Adoption Event

    This was a perfect start to the day. I have been trying to clean out what I am not using. When I read Cynthia Brunz's blog this morning,,  I knew what to pull out and photograph. Someone had given me these heart blocks a while ago. There are many fused and zig zagged (over 50), some fused on (about 10), and some to fuse on. The blocks are 7" unfinished. The hearts are about 5" wide at the fullest. The fusible is a stiff one. 
    I make comfort quilts, but I don't want to quilt these and put them together. I do not like working with fused blocks. So, if you want to adopt these blocks:
1. Leave a comment with an email (not a no response blogger)
2. Strongly urge the quilt(s) made with these be give away quilts (charity quilts). 
3. Be in the USA- don't want to ship international.
4. Monday morning, all the names will be put in a bag and drawn out by my 5 year old granddaughter. I will mail them after notifying the winner to get an address. If I can't make contact, Jolene will pull another name. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Retreat means finishes

     I was able to finish some projects and start some new ones at our guild retreat. The Red, white and blue zig zag quilt was sewn, the Katie's quilt (MSQC pattern), and a tote bag for my daughter. I am debating about a border for Katie's quilt and have to find some big decorative buttons for my daughter's bag.

Inside lining with pocket

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Just needs binding!

      I finished quilting Toran from the Cultural Fusion book. I have been trying to find a binding. When I laid it on the floor to audition binding fabric, the quilt inspector took over. I think I am going to use a black stripe.