Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Presentation sample

     My friend Elizabeth and I are program directors for our guild. We have a 3 year term, up next December.  One meeting a month is the program meeting. Hard to get teachers or demos in the evening. So, we have been planning and organizing most of them- Jan. to May. We work off a list compiled from a survey done of the members before we started. Every program has been a detailed offering of the subject. Last month, Elizabeth did Seminole piecing and made samples all summer. In two weeks, I have art quilts. It is sort of joke, since doing programming and comfort quilts has all but squelched my art quilt projects. 
     I needed at least one current in progress sample. As I cleaned off the counter, I found 4 leaves that Elizabeth had taught how to use up the modge podged fabrics from the landscape program. I pulled out some of my made fabric pieces and thought they could use combining. Of course, the made fabric blues did not work with the leaves, so I made new made fabric ones. I added a little of the leaf colors into the made blue fabric. Now, it is sewn together (next post shows with borders) and I started big stitch quilting with perle cotton.
Purposely sketchy lines with black thread outlines


Gwen said...

This is fabulous and a great use of your made blocks!
You and your Programming partner are really dedicated!

Preeti said...

You and Elizabeth both work so hard to provide meaningful content to your guild folk. Hope they have a succession plan. What will they do after you two retire??? Love the leaves.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Being on programs would be hard. I did find 2 speakers for one of my guilds. Good luck. I do a couple of small programs a year for my little quilt guild (just techniques, really).

Jan said...

Preeti, their shoes are going to be impossible to fill. Cool blocks, Linda. Can't wait for this class.