Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Work, work, work retreat

     Our guild has two retreats per year from Thursday to Sunday. Last weekend was one and I spent a lot of time packing quilts that just needed assembly. I also cut 8 pillowcases and sewed all. I had a little project I called Phony Dresdens for the participants, another woman did hanger covers out of fleece and another did zipper pouches. So, lots to do. Someone cooks the food and cleans it up. It is of cafeteria quality, but I am not there to eat. There is always our snack table...
     I have been having issues getting photos off my camera card in the laptop. I have to keep taking it in and out many times before it registers- doesn't matter the camera card. I also miss Picmonkey since it went the pay monthly route and have been using Pixlr which does not have a white balance. I need to find a good editor with just the basics. So, doing the blog has become frustration. I was not able to get the pillowcases or projects off, so another time.
    First, the exploding squares. One quilt started with 6" center squares, the other with 4". When I got the 6" one home on the wall, I thought it needed a border and put one on. I think the 4" one may need another row although I have no more right now.
4" center square start
6" center square start
With 3" cut border

     I had some leftover squares from a MSQC pattern, Disappearing Hour glass, so I added some sashing and a border for another comfort quilt. I brought border fabric which did not work, but a visiting quilt store brought some yardage with a demo and I found the right one.

     The diagonal variations also was sewn and I decided to stay stitch 1/8" around the perimeter to help it stay truer when I put it on the long arm. Hope it helps.

     Alas, I could not assemble Sapphire Stars because I was short two blocks with yellow triangles. I know I made enough as I recounted them, but nowhere to be found. I made the two blocks last night and sewed the large large block so I can start sewing on the sashing.


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Now that you've made two more blocks, you'll find the missing ones.

Debbie said...

Wow, great progress on your exploding blocks. They all look good.