Friday, April 14, 2017

Workshop of wonders

     Last Friday, I set off in wet snow in a three hour drive to Ithaca, NY where the Tompkins County Quilt Guild was sponsoring 2 workshops with Sujata Shah. Two years ago, I took one there also and was fortunate beyond belief she came in from San Francisco and I got a spot. My friend, Elizabeth, and I drove down and found an Airbnb to stay in. We took all our food and cooked our own meals and packed lunches, which made it a bit more affordable. The first two days was Organized Chaos, a kaleidoscope quilt. The last day was Free Form blocks. There was a lot of cutting to do before we went, and I don't think I cut the right fabrics as I had to scrounge for some better strips. 
     Packing all the sewing stuff, clothes, and food items was a huge effort for me who hates packing. All into her Toyota Yaris. I am 5'8" and Elizabeth is taller. It all worked out. 
This is only the sewing supplies, minus the
trapezoid case of my Singer 301
     I only have about 30 blocks sewn and need about 60. So on my design wall at home, this is what I have. I put the corners in two of them so you can see how the pattern will look. I am going to make at least 30 more, and then figure out the arrangement. I have a better idea how to choose the fabrics and arrange the pieces in the blocks. I could have never have figured it out myself. Sujata is the best. My friend, sister in laws, and other women in the class were a great help.
    Yes, it was snowing all the way down there. Freezing cold Friday and Saturday, and then 70s on Monday when I returned. I saw this when I got home. I felt like I was gone a long time to have such a dramatic turnaround in my garden and trees.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Isn't Sujata just the best ?!?! I have the Organized Chaos pattern and hope to work on it next year. Will be fun watching your's evolve. SO glad you were able to take the workshops!

Missy Shay said...

Those blocks are wonderful!

Sarah said...

Love your OC blocks! Where did you find a "peach" ruffled daffy?? That is so different from the normal pretty yellows.

Debbie said...

Your blocks look great. I think you tame the chaos by controlling the color palette, which would be impossible for me. I use the anything goes kitchen sink method. If you are adding another 30 or so blocks you will get it tamed!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Quilt classes are SEW much fun!!! Looks like yours was no exception.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I love what you have started here.

Sujata Shah said...


Your blocks look great on the wall. I still can't believe you all drove so long to take the workshop. Humbled by it all, I am loving this right now. I learn so much from everyone else.
I am looking forward to seeing your projects finished. It was a great weekend spending time with you all.


Chris said...

Love your projects, especially chaos and hourglass. I have met Sujata and made a few of her patterns, so fun! I hope to take a workshop some day. Nice to see spring happening in the garden.