Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Some of the machines

      I realize that I did not post the base that I refinished for the Singer 99 that was resurrected from the scraps that were delivered due to poor packaging (once was a whole machine) and the Spartan that I turned into a handcrank. I have another Spartan in its original green case, but this one came in a broken bakelite shell. I bought the case bottom from Cindy Peters, stitchesintime@earthlink.net who is a wonderful seller of parts for antique and classic sewing machines. It came unfinished and I used Minwax antique oil finish, at least 4 coats, and it is just terrific. It is cherry wood. I am going to buy another, but here are the 99 and the Spartan in the same base. Converting to the handcrank was easy. I bought a vintage spoked handwheel, unscrewed the old handwheel, put the vintage one on, bought a reproduction handcrank, unscrewed the bolt for the motor, removed it, and that was it. The machine itself was extremely dirty and gunky, but now it is just terrific.
Singer 99

Spartan Handcrank

Base before finishing

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