Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Screen print steps for Christmas Card

    Every year I create a handmade card for Christmas, back to 1976. This year, I gained inspiration from a photo I took at a tree farm in Boston, NY where we cut our tree down last year. The beautiful tones of the snow and clusters of evergreens invited me to make a print. Capturing God's creation was a daunting job. While I am not convinced I achieved what was in my head, I share this with you.
    I hope the steps help to visualize the process. The Color 1 blue is actually lighter than in photo. Color 2 has a metallic sparkle. The card is 5" x 7" on white card stock.
Photo of Boston, NY tree farm

Sketch of composition

Color 1

Color 2

Color 1 and 2 printed

Black, (color 3), printed

Finished card, all three colors


Unknown said...

I live the calligraphy of the black print.
I hope to get one in the mail.

Unknown said...

I meant love - not live.