Thursday, July 27, 2017

Three finishes, kind of, sort of...

     Due to all the rain we have been having, it has been hard to photo some quilts outside. Today, there was a break, so I rushed out and did the job.
     The first quilt is one from our guild that was cut out as a kit to make for our local VA hospital. We want to have 50 quilts by Veterans Day. I added an extra row around because it needed that neutral on the outside edge. Except for the center squares, it is all made from brick shapes. My mom helped sew the short edges of all the bricks, and then I assembled all the blocks and top. I made a scrappy binding because I thought it looked better than what I was given.

     The second vet quilt was made by another guild member and I quilted it. She wanted to trim it herself, so it is not all done.
     The last quilt is from the other half of the HSTs made from the Shirbori layer cake. This one is asymmetrical. I made the borders real wide so that  it can be used on a twin bed. It needs backing and quilting.


Lynette said...

Wow - nice post. The stars quilted into each block are real fun on that first quilt, and your scrappy neutrals border addition was a perfect call. Love the assymetrical quilt using your left-overs!

The Joyful Quilter said...

I haven't made that first pattern in quite some time and have yet to make that last pattern. Both are SEW awesome!! The first for ease of incorporating scraps and the last for its interesting graphic appeal. Thanks for sharing your productivity!!

Sandy said...

Your quilts are great! You were right to use a scrappy binding on the first one, it looks great. Love love love the asymmetrical star. Can you share the pattern name and designer? I'm thinking baby quilt.