Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Strip tubes, Summer in the Park

     I am always looking for comfort quilt patterns that my mom can help with and keep her from being bored. She can sew straight seams, strips and squares, but does not piece, cut or trim. I had this jelly roll of black strips and got a batik one on special, so I remembered this quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I pinned a set of black, color, black and a set of color, black, colors together and told my mom to sew them in that order. She pressed all the sets and then sewed the opposite sets to each other, making a tube. I got the tubes back and am cutting them with my Strip Tube Ruler (Cozy Quilts). I have to trim them to an even 8 1/2" block due to my mom's not quite true 1/4". I use the diagonal of the block lined up on my 9" square ruler and trim all sides to 8 1/2". When I get a bunch trimmed up, I will arrange some on the wall and photo them for you to see. 
The pile of strip tubes

The sequence of color sets

Tubes flipped to the opposite side to show how opposites are paired to make the tube

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Nine patching the Kaleidoscope

     Because there is so much matching to sew the kaleidoscope blocks together, I am trying to sew in smaller sections than my usual columns with the long seams. There are nine rows, so I am breaking the sections into nine patches of 3 x 3. So far, I have these done. There are 7 columns, so I am not half done. I have to pin every intersection due to the block construction. I can't even think yet if it needs a border.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Lake Inspiration

     Because of the art show, I lost 2 days of staying at the Lake cottage. We had till Wednesday when the kids were coming for a few days and taking our spot. The first night rained, the second had a cloudy finish, and the third had a great sunset. I tried to soak up all the colors for inspiration in putting quilts and paintings together. I had to drive an hour back and forth on Tuesday morning for an emergency root canal that sprung up out of nowhere, so the time was further abbreviated. There was no internet, so no posting, commenting. Since I have been back, numerous things prevented me from sewing. Enjoy Lake Erie, Angola, NY- picture heavy!
     I know there are wonderful exotic locations in the world, but I love Lake Erie and all its faces. I am blessed to have grown up so close, so I visit often. Please look carefully how the colors change and think how you could use that in your artwork.
Cottage path to Lake

Lake early afternoon- Canada in background

Afternoon shore

Same view, early evening

Same view from overlook, sunset colorwashed

The overlook area

Stairs from overlook to beach, same view

Cloudy night sunset

Next night sunset progress

Amazing color shift

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bookends to Crazy

     As much as I promise myself to post regularly, something gets in the way and derails me. Last weekend, I did an art show (watercolor paintings) with my son. On the Saturday before the show, I had to quick make and sew on a binding for a guild member of a quilt bound for the Gold Star and Camp Purple kids that started the next day. Then, I had to pack up for the Art Show which was on the Niagara River at Niawanda Park, Tonawanda, NY. 
Quilt with binding
     Early set up for the show, endure the wind, and take down in an orderly fashion. There is a reason I don't do shows very often, but my son wanted to try it. We had lots of people view as there is a large walking path and bike trail in front of the show at the shoreline. It helps there is an hot dog and ice cream place at the street. Also, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra was playing that evening in the bandshell at the end of the exhibits. But, I did not sell anything. I look at it as cheap pop up gallery to have people see the work. Very windy day, so I was a little tense about it all taking off. 
   The next morning, I was heading to some time at a cottage about 45 minutes away at Angola, NY so had to pack all the stuff for that.
My work on the fence, literally 

The whole set up, son's work in the front, mine inside the tent and behind. Grandkids posing and son and wife in back.

Son's work
More Matt work

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Quilting is more fun than Housework...: Oh Scrap! : The Popular Vote

I love the quilt even though I voted for opt 2. How about a scrappy binding with red and blues? I save all my binding leftovers and make scrappy bindings for certain quilts and I like it.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Mystery from Kevin the Quilter


     A brand new mystery, his first one, has started by Kevin the Quilter. It is called Sapphire Stars. I love scrappy and I love Kevin's quilts, so here I go. However, I just bought the Simple Folded Corners ruler by Doug Leko from Bonnie Hunter because I hate to draw lines on squares and flip them, then trim them. This ruler lets you trim first so you are sewing next to a cut edge instead of a line on the diagonal of a square. So, I will show you how I cut and sewed these Clue 1 pieces. If you want to cut the small squares oversize and trim, this ruler lets you do that also. I would rather sew slower and more careful than to have to trim again.
Fabric lined up in corner, diagonal line on stitch line 
Corners trimmed off

Both corners added, excuse the poor pressing

The ruler and printed directions, video online by Bonnie Hunter

Ok, 5 done out of 48

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

S-l-o-w Organizing

     I am making the best attempt I can to organize my sewing space. I moved the Accuquilt cutter to another room, off my cutting counter. I bought some wire shelves at Target and got all my over-a-yard boxes off the floor. I am trying to get all boxes off the floor in my sewing room. The boxes are all the fabric I precut into set sizes. This long headache is wearing and I can't come up with solutions right now, so I am stalled.
Diecutter moved next to printers and papercutter

List of my fabrics I am collecting for projects in my cupboard

Project Fabrics collected along with Accuquilt dies.
Some yarn remains.

Sewing room not organized and clean enough, stalled.
New shelving, boxes off floor

List on wall of all the quilts I would like to make.
Better here than all jumbled in my head.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Trying to catch up

     Last week, I traveled to my daughter's home in Saagertown, PA (35 minutes south of Erie, PA), about a 2 1/2 hour trip from Buffalo, NY, to help her plant a flower garden in front of her house. For about 1 1/2 weeks, I have had a headache- not a migraine, but a neck, jaw, eyesocket throbber, so my posting and sewing are suffering. I see the TMJ doctor tomorrow.
     Here is the garden. I brought some of my perennials and we hit up Home Depot for some. I know it doesn't look full now, but we will add to it. We added bags of soil and compost as the base of it is clay.

Plants added/moved

An Endless Summer hydrangea I bought
     I also shopped there for some fabrics (Fox's Sew and Vac in Meadville). I needed an assortment of lights (I had the mediums and darks connected) for the king size quilt I am making for her and her husband. I cut the big sizes, and she laid out which ones she wants as anchors. I am adapting the pattern I used for the denim one.